Our Promise.

Our Promise.

The Timepiece industry has been exposed to mass retail markups for too long.
Don't stress, we are here to challenge it!

Our aim at Virtas is to bring you quality watches at a genuine price that more can afford. Now that is not to say we are cutting corners! The opposite in fact.

The Burchfield Virtas

Our pieces are housed in full 316L grade stainless steel. If you are unfamiliar with your steel grading, 316L is commonly used in surgical equipment, prosthetics and marine applications. The 'L' tagging along on the end stands for Low Carbon - we don't have to tell you about the benefits of low carbon now do we?

Virtas Watch The Burchfield

 Timepieces are supposed to be worn. You don't want your face getting scratched up so that you can't tell the time anymore. We use Sapphire Crystal instead of mineral glass to keep those scratches away.

You will find a lot of timepieces are only pressure rated to 3ATM (Atmospheres).
There is nothing wrong with a 3ATM watch, but we wanted more confidence around water. All of our timepieces are rated to 5 atmospheres (50m), so you don't have to worry about it when washing your hands or getting splashed.

Virtas Watch The Lincoln

As for our components, We decided to go for a classic Japanese Miyota movement. Miyota movements are well known to be up there as the most accurate through their use of the quartz crystal. 

With our priorities straight, we set out to price our timepieces honestly. Without the ridiculous markup that is seen throughout the watch game.
It is our hope that we can slowly develop this industry and ourselves along this journey.

Will you join us?