The Virtas Story

Our Founder, Scott, has a passion for Timepieces.

Like any watch lover, he spent hours searching for a Timepiece that was high quality and within his price range (no ridiculous markups).

After struggling to find a brand that ticked both boxes, Scott decided to create his own.
Months were spent designing, testing, creating and perfecting the Timepiece.

Finally, in March 2016, Virtas was born.

Based out of the sunshine city Nelson, Virtas is spreading our Timepieces and message around The World at a price that doesn't break the bank.


Why 'Virtas'?

Virtas (Virtus) is Latin for Virtue.
Virtue can be summarized as behavior showing high moral regard.

Decency, integrity, respect, pride. All are words that can be used to describe members of the Virtas Movement.

Our Timepieces are a symbol of this, to which we are leading by example.
We refuse to hike our prices like the traditional watch companies because we believe that everybody deserves the ability to own a quality Timepiece.

Community plays a big part of our core beliefs.

We believe in giving back to society, so Virtas is proud to be a recognized supporter of Child Cancer Foundation.

We have pledged to donate $5 from every Timepiece to support this amazing Foundation.

Join the Virtas Movement.